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Oversized Marine Transportation

Oversized Marine Transportation

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Oversized Marine Transportation


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A reliable solution for oversized marine transportation

Ocean is dedicated to providing a multitude of exceptional heavy haulage services using our tugboats and barges that are specially adapted and configured to the needs of our customers and various industries.

Our marine equipment and expertise allow us to help our clients with oversized/overweight transportation, particularly in difficult conditions and particular passages, or to remote and low-traffic areas.

Oversized maritime transportation benefits

The use of marine transport is an affordable and ecological alternative to transportation by other means. Costs are generally lower and transport ships are a less polluting alternative. 

Marine transportation of your oversized cargo can be easier and faster to areas that cannot be easily accessed by road or air.

All our towing services, including docking and undocking, manoeuvres, pilot or passenger transfers, escort, ship chandling and/or de-icing to be delivered outside Jamaica are subject to the Standard terms and conditions of the Eastern Canadian Tug Owners’ Association (ECTOA).

Maritime transportation carried out the Ocean way

Gain peace of mind by working with Ocean for all your marine transportation needs. Entrusting Ocean with its oversized transportation is the guarantee of working with a first-class partner for a cost-effective, reliable solution and quality services. We are able to transport oversized freight and extra-heavy cargo, materials and construction machinery by boat almost anywhere in Canada, thanks to our strategic positioning on the St. Lawrence River.

Located on the St. Lawrence Seaway, we provide services to the logging, mining, hydro-electric and oil (offshore drilling, drilling platforms) industries, as well as the entire Canadian marine industry through the Great Lakes, Eastern and Northern Canada.

We offer a customized, integrated supply chain solution and a cost-effective, eco-friendly alternative.

Areas covered by our marine transportation services

Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Labrador and Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island, Magdalen Islands, Northern Quebec


  • Ship escort
  • Supply ships
  • Short- and long-distance towing
  • Tug-and-barge transportation

Some of our clients

ABB, Énergie Valero, Acier-Hason


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