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Harbour towing is an important activity that helps increase port safety and facilitate the flow of ship traffic. With its qualified staff and fleet of high-performance vessels, Océan Remorquage offers solutions adapted to industry realities so that you can safely reach your destinations.

Your needs, our solutions

  • De-icing and opening passages in ice
  • Docking/undocking
  • Firefighting
  • Marine salvage
  • Parcel delivery
  • Pilot transfer
  • Pilot services
  • Supply service


 All of our towing services are subject to the Standard Towing Conditions of the Eastern Canadian Tug Owner’s Association (ECTOA).

An experienced team and strategic locations

Our skilled, professional navigating staff receives regular training and boasts extensive experience in its field and particularly in ice operations. Because of our strategic locations along the St.Lawrence and the Great Lakes. Our crews are always ready to deal with difficult situations to ensure the best service possible.

Ready for extreme winter conditions

Many of our ships are reinforced to face the most extreme ice conditions and are equipped with state-of-the-art firefighting systems. Our tugs meet ISO 9001:2008, ISM and Green Marine standards.

Setting a course for your safety

Our specially designed pilot boats allow us to quickly and safely carry out the transhipment of pilots and staff. In the winter, service is provided by tugs certified for this purpose.

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