Ocean Towing and Navigation and Ocean Industries Inc. receive the Green Marine certification. | Groupe Océan
Ocean Towing and Navigation and Ocean Industries Inc. receive the Green Marine certification.

18 June 2019

Ocean Towing and Navigation and Ocean Industries Inc. receive the Green Marine certification.

Cleveland, Ohio, June 6, 2019

Green Marine, North America’s leading environmental certification program for the marine industry, unveiled the environmental results of its participants for 2018 as part of its annual conference. The Green Marine program now includes 133 participants, shipowners, port authorities, Seaway corporations, terminal operators and shipyards. To receive their certification, participants must annually measure their environmental performance using the complete program self-assessment guides. They must also submit their results to an external audit accredited by Green Marine and agree to publish their individual results. All criteria are regularly re-evaluated to ensure that all levels are sufficiently demanding in relation to existing regulations.

Ocean Towing and Navigation and Ocean Industries Inc. had to rate their initiatives on a scale of 1 to 5 based on specific criteria. These indicators deal with greenhouse gas emissions, harmonization of uses, management of waste and residual materials  and other environmental issues. Ocean Towing and Navigation has shown leadership in its results with an average of 3.15 / 5 for its fleet of harbour tugs, which exceeds the overall average of all participants. Ocean Industries Inc., on its  side, obtained an average of 2/5 for its  efforts in environmental protection. These results have been achieved thanks to several concrete initiatives put in place in recent years at the different operations sites:

  • Ocean Group has eliminated  single-use water bottles at its operations sites since 2017.
  • GHG emissions intensity from towing activities was reduced by 21% from 2015 levels.
  • The large workshop at the Isle-aux-Coudres construction site was converted to LED in 2018, which resulted in a 64% reduction in energy consumption.
  • Ocean Industries Inc. has started a process to offset the emissions of some of its  vehicles through tree  planting.
  • In 2017, Ocean Industries Inc. put  in place an environmental committee composed of members of management, senior managers  and employees to promote continuous environmental improvement in our operations.

Green Marine is one of the first voluntary initiatives in the world to take tangible action to better understand, reduce and mitigate the impacts of underwater noise on marine mammals and its expertise is widely coveted. Ocean Group  is proud to be a founding member of Green Marine  and  put forward its values and  concerns about the environment. Ocean Group is fully aware of its responsibility and  engages daily in this process through concrete actions to reduce its environmental footprint.

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