Christening of a new tugboat in the Port of Montreal

Ocean Pierre Julien at the Port of Montreal

Ocean Pierre Julien at the Port of Montreal

Montréal, April 18, 2013 - Océan Remorquage Montréal Inc. christened today its newest tug, the OCEAN PIERRE JULIEN, built during in the past year at Ocean Industries shipyard, located on Isle-aux-Coudres. The construction of this tug at a cost of $ 10.6 million, the 3rd of the Intrépide series to be built at Ocean Industries, confirms the shipyard’s expertise and its status as a leader in the field of shipbuilding. 

The traditional christening ceremony was held in the presence of the President and First Vice-President and General Manager of Ocean, Messrs. Gordon Bain and Jacques Tanguay, of Ms. Sylvie Vachon, President and CEO of the Montreal Port Authority, of Mr. Pierre Julien, Executive Vice President - Special Projects at Ocean, and of his wife, Ms. Nicole Gagné, the ship's godmother.

”The new tug pays tribute to a man who is committed and respected by his peers. Since his arrival in 2001, Ocean has benefited from Pierre Julien’s expertise, which has contributed to the company’s growth. His outstanding dedication and attention to detail have allowed us to successfully carry out many projects, and that is why we are proud to honor him today” said Gordon Bain.

”My career in the maritime industry began in 1968. During this period, I pursued several objectives, challenges, and even dreams, but never that of one day seeing my name on the hull of a ship or tugboat. I am deeply moved by this show of appreciation and consider it a great privilege” added Pierre Julien. 

The construction of this vessel was made possible, in part, due to the financial support of Industry Canada through its Structured Financing Facility program. This contribution, granted to Océan Remorquage Montréal Inc., represents close to 15% of the construction cost.

This 25-meter tug is equipped with the latest technologies, including a firefighting system with water cannons that have an output capacity of 1,200 cubic meters per hour, the equivalent of five fire trucks. It is powered by two omnidirectional Z-Drive propellers and two engines that can reach 4,000 BHP.

“Synergy between Ocean’s various sister companies and an unwavering commitment to excellence have allowed our team to complete this project within budget. Océan Remorquage Montréal inc. is proud to contribute to the ongoing development of the Port of Montreal and the companies that operate there” mentioned Jacques Tanguay.

“I am delighted by the arrival of this new ultramodern port tug, the second in less than three years, which demonstrates Ocean’s confidence in the development of port operations in Montreal and its commitment to consistently providing high-quality services thanks to the skills of its crews, and the quality of its equipment” declared Sylvie Vachon.


  • From left to right: Mr. Gordon Bain - President of Ocean, Mrs Sylvie Vachon - President and general manager of the Montreal Port Authority, Mr. Jacques Tanguay - First Vice-President and General Manager of Ocean
  • From left to right: Mr. Jacques Tanguay, Mr. Gordon Bain, Mr. Pierre Julien, his wife and ship's godmother Mrs Nicole Gagné along with their son Frédéric Julien
  • M. Pierre Julien, Vice-President - Special Projects at Ocean
  • From left to right: Mr. Jacques Tanguay along with fathers Guy Bouillé and Andrew Thavarajasingham
  • Demonstration of the fire fighting system by the Ocean Serge Genois
  • Mrs Nicole Gagne, ship's godmother and her husband Mr. Pierre Julien
  • First row: Mr. Pierre Julien, Mr. Serge Genois, Mr. Keith Rusby - Second row: Mr. Ross Gaudreault, Mr. Jacques Tanguay, Mr. Gordon Bain et Mr. Jacques Jeansonne