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First Ocean HSE Recognition Evening

12 December 2019

First Ocean HSE Recognition Evening

On Thursday, November 28, the first Ocean HSE Recognition Evening was held to recognize the involvement of employees who submitted a health, safety and environmental initiative in the past year. We would like to congratulate  Jean-Philippe Simard, foreman at Ocean Industries Inc., for his initiative which was named initiative of the year as well as all the finalists!

An HSE initiative is the implementation of an action to eliminate or prevent the occurrence of a weakness, the cause of a potential non-compliance or a potentially undesirable or dangerous situation. An initiative can target the health and safety aspect, the environmental aspect or all of these two. Note that corrective action, such as recovering a spill, is part of our legal duties and obligations and is not an initiative. On the other hand, preventing a spill is an initiative. Similarly, wearing your Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is not a health and safety initiative, but implementing a process that reinforces compliance with this obligation may be one. Employees will be required to submit HSE initiatives on a monthly basis which will then be validated, communicated to all, and potentially rewarded.

The goal behind HSE initiatives is to promote and develop good practices and initiatives for the continuous improvement of the health and safety of our employees and the protection of our environment through the establishment of a formal process of promoting and promoting initiatives in our workplace.

Our employees are innovative and inventive, and we strongly believe that, like Ocean Group, they care about health, safety and the environment. Many initiatives are regularly developed within our organization without these being known. We want to recognize, communicate and value them, just like their author.

The continuous improvement of our ways of doing things and the awareness of all our employees is essential to ensure a healthy and safe work environment. We are convinced that this approach will benefit everyone by reducing the risk of injury, while having a positive impact on our operations and our environment.

All accidents and incidents can be avoided and business objectives must never be pursued to the detriment of safety and the environment. This principle allows us, among other things, to maintain a high performance level while protecting our team, our clients and the environment.

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