Transportation of oversized equipment by lift barge

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Barge transportation of a transformer on a flatbed trailer

Bécancour, 2017 – As it is sometimes impossible to transport certain pieces of oversized equipment by road, Ocean Dredging and Marine Works is awarded a contract to bring a transformer from Bécancour to Chandler.

The trailer carrying the heavy part gains access to barge NT 1524 using a lifting platform. The vehicle’s weight of 103 tons is no problem for the barge’s 400-ton capacity. The barge is then towed by the tug OCEAN ECHO II to its destination in the Gaspé Peninsula.

This new lift barge concept was fully designed and built by Ocean Group’s teams. With its ability to adapt to any port configuration, the barge greatly facilitates cargo loading and unloading. In addition, it reduces the time spent waiting for the optimal tide level to secure operations, even in the absence of a Ro-Ro ramp.

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