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Nautical rescue simulation

17 February 2016

Nautical rescue simulation

 Québec, February 17th, 2016 – Quebec firefighters put their protocols and procedures to the test by conducting a rescue simulation in the estuary of the St. Charles River, located within the areas of the Port of Québec. The exercise was held in collaboration with Ocean, the Service de police de la Ville de Québec and stakeholders of 9-1-1.

As part of this simulation, rescue teams had to answer a distress call for a young boater of some twenty years taken ill.

On board an inflatable boat, stakeholders joined the victim on the ice, immobilized him and waited for the rescue tug OCEAN YVAN DESGAGNES. Back on shore, the paramedics took over.

Rescue maneuvers on the St. Lawrence River are particular because of the tides that cause the water levels to fluctuate, and the distribution of ice. Therefore, Ocean works in partnership with firefighters from Québec to act quickly on this major waterway and help save lives.

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