Our mission

A team of experts at your service since 1972

Ocean intends to maintain its status of leader of marine integrated services on the St. Lawrence, ensure a presence throughout the Canadian territory and continue its development on the international scene. We are committed to providing eco-conscious top quality services to our clients and a stimulating, respectful and safe environment to our employees, while maintaining a wholesome profitability in order to support the investments required by our development.

Innovating, day after day

Our extensive array of services includes:

  • Harbour towing
  • Pilot services
  • Marine transportation
  • Marine equipment rental
  • Ship and industrial construction and repair
  • Dredging
  • Marine salvage

Our Vision

With our organizational values and mission, our vision guides our actions and decisions towards a common goal.

It conveys our purpose :

Become a world-class organization and be a trusted partner for our customers.

A world-class organization is:

  • Having the best industry practices;
  • Having high-end and quality services;
  • Being agile, creative and innovative;
  • Exporting our business model in new territories.

Being a trusted partner is:

  • Being attentive to the needs of our customers;
  • Entering into win-win agreements;
  • Working as a team, in synergy between
    us and our customers;
  • Providing assurance of the provision of safe service, respectful of the environment.

Our Values

They define who we are

Our values are at the heart of our decisions and are embodied in all we do.


At sea and on land, Ocean recruits and develops the best talent in the industry. Our dedicated and committed professionals always strive to deliver outstanding results and exceed expectations.

Creativity and Innovation

In addition to staying abreast of new technologies, true innovation means creating solutions tailored to your specific technical and financial needs.

Synergy and Teamwork

Ocean has hundreds of state-of-the-art equipment pieces, but none of them can singlehandedly tow a ship or perform deep-water dredging without our professionals working in harmony and sharing pride in a job well done.

Safety and Environment

All accidents and incidents can be avoided, and business objectives must never be pursued to the detriment of safety and the environment. This principle allows us to maintain a high performance level while protecting our team, our clients and the environment.

Integrity and Respect

Ever attentive to the quality of our relations, integrity and respect are the cornerstones of our interactions, which aim to always be constructive and courteous amongst ourselves, with our clients, our partners, our competitors and the community.