Construction of a trailing suction hopper dredge

Construction of the largest suction dredge in Eastern Canada

Isle-aux-Coudres, 2011 – After winning a dredging contract, Ocean Industries of Charlevoix begins the construction of a self-propelled trailing suction hopper dredge. It is designed in cooperation with Damen Group, which provides technical assistance. At 64.3 m long, OCEAN TRAVERSE NORD (OTN) is the largest dredge of this type ever built in Eastern Canada.

OTN can hold a crane or excavator on its deck. This suction dredge can remove and transport sediments, deposit them at sea and launch them onto land to restore eroded areas, for instance. It is equipped with two 1,000 hp engines, its draft is only 4.5 m and it can dredge up to a depth of 30 m.

Since its commissioning in 2012, OTN has been assigned to projects in Quebec and Ontario as needed. During the ice period, it sails to the Caribbean for various dredging contracts and returns in May.

Construction of a trailing suction hopper dredge Images

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