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Steve Côté | Director - Business Development

Louis Pedneault | Director

Ocean Marine Works offers a floating wharf rental service, in particular for the mining industry, municipalities and governments. Built with the help of sectional barges, our wharves are adapted to your needs and the geometry of the location. They can be used for loading and unloading ships.

Your needs, our solutions

  • Adapted to the rhythm of the tides
  • Almost no environmental impact
  • Customized floating wharves
  • Endless configuration possibilities according to your needs
  • Rapid installation
  • Temporary or permanent use

Focused on sustainable development

Our floating wharves can be installed quickly and are the perfect solution from a sustainable development perspective. They help to avoid costly work such as dredging, blasting, concrete pouring, rock filling and dismantling, which disrupt marine ecosystems.

Innovative solutions

Our effective and eco-friendly solutions will save you time and money. The endless configuration possibilities are adapted to the rhythm of the tides and can be used on a temporary or permanent basis.

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Floating Wharves

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