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Steve Côté | Director - Business Development

Louis Pedneault | Director

With its hundreds of barges, tugs, workboats and other support material, Ocean Marine Works offers one of the largest fleet of specialized marine equipment in Eastern Canada.

Your needs, our solutions

  • Cranes and boom trucks
  • Excavators and dredges
  • River barges with or without anchor spuds
  • Sectional barges, with or without anchor spuds
  • Winches and loading ramps
  • Workboats and tugs

Quick and effective response

With its extensive and easily transportable and adaptable equipment, Ocean Marine Works can help you tackle any technical problem you have. We take into account the equipment used on barge(s), the weight and use of each piece of equipment, the work and accessibility conditions of your site as well as any applicable environmental restrictions.

An experienced team at your service

Our team can advise you according to the nature and various requirements of your project. We can quickly develop or modify equipment tailored to your specific needs.

Versatile equipment

Our barges can be used as a base for any construction equipment required for your projects, but also for many other purposes:

  • Drilling
  • Temporary installation for production of concrete
  • Work bridge between two sites
  • Temporary wharves
  • Aggregate transportation
  • Transportation of oversized/overweight equipment
  • Gathering equipement and debris after dismantling or demolition work
  • Crane installation

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Specialized Marine Equipment Rental

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