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Ocean Navigation provides tug-and-barge transportation and escort services. Our equipment is adapted for all types of transport, including aggregate, oversized/overweight cargo and construction equipment. We also offer ship supply services in Northern Canada and the Atlantic seaboard.

Your needs, our solutions

  • Ship escort
  • Short- and long-distance towing
  • Supply ships
  • Tug-and-barge transportation


All of our towing services are subject to the Standard Towing Conditions of the Eastern Canadian Tug Owner’s Association (ECTOA).


Many other solutions tailored to your needs

Ocean Navigation provides ship escort services for navigation in difficult passages or conditions or to remote areas. We also tow ships without propulsion, barges and non-motorized structures, such as drilling platforms, to their destination.

Think green and save

The options we provide are not only competitive and economical, but also eco-friendly because they reduce the impact of road transport.

Diversity of markets served

We serve the forest, mining, hydro-electric, oil (high sea drilling, drilling platforms) and other industries. Ocean Navigation provides customized solutions for each client.

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Marine Transportation

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