Management team


Gordon BainFounding President and CEO

In 1972, Gordon Bain founded Aqua-Marine, which is now known as Ocean, a leading company in Canada’s marine industry. A passionate visionary and skilled businessman, he values talent and expertise and surrounds himself with a highly qualified and specialized team.

Mr. Bain provides strategic direction and planning for the company, ensures its continuous growth and is actively involved in all decisions pertaining to its development.

He is Governor of the Musée Maritime de Charlevoix and member of the Cercle des grands bâtisseurs maritimes de Québec, an honour recognizing those who have made a significant contribution to the development of Quebec’s maritime industry.

Jacques TanguayFirst Vice President and General Manager

First Vice President and General Manager since June 2009, Jacques Tanguay has more than 25 years of service to his credit. He became a co-owner of Ocean in 1994.

Mr. Tanguay develops and ensures the implementation of the company’s strategic direction. He oversees development, investment and management activities and is responsible for financial and commercial operations.

Known for his drive, extensive knowledge of marine services and ability to rally towards common objectives, Mr. Tanguay believes in participatory management and is committed to leading the way for the next generation.


Vice Presidents

Jean-Philippe Brunet Executive Vice President - Corporate and Legal Affairs

Jean-Philippe Brunet handles all of Ocean’s corporate and legal affairs activities. He holds a bachelor’s degree in law from Sherbrooke University and was called to the Quebec Bar in 1998. Mr. Brunet served as Chief of Staff for the ministère de l’emploi et de la solidarité sociale, following a stint as Chief of Staff at the ministère des Transports du Québec.

Serge Genois Executive Vice President – Special Projects

Serge Genois joined Ocean’s team in 1996 as President and General Manager of the Ocean Industries shipyard. In 2003, he became Ocean’s Vice President of Harbour Towing Operations, a position that he held until his appointment as Executive Vice President of Business Strategy and Development in 2008.

His skills as strategist and his extensive industry knowledge make him a key advisor to Ocean’s senior management.

Pierre Julien Executive Vice President – Special Projects

Pierre Julien joined the team in 2001 as Director of Engineering. He is now Executive Vice President - Special Projects.

His experience and great attention to detail makes him an esteemed advisor for senior management.

Yves Lagacé Executive Vice President - Administration

Yves Lagacé is responsible for all Ocean’s administrative activities, including finance, procurement, human resources, information technology, continuous improvement and Enterprise Resource Planning. He holds a Master in Business Administration and a bachelor’s degree in accounting. He cumulates 27 years of experience in finance, operations and strategic development, including 12 years as Senior Vice President - Finance and operations at Astral Media.

He joined the Ocean team in 2016; his expertise and leadership are important assets to support the business’s growth and development.

Réjean Verreault Executive Vice President - Strategic Initiatives and Development

Réjean Verreault is responsible for Ocean's business development and strategic initiatives. He holds a degree in naval architecture from the Institut maritime du Québec; he has extensive experience on the field, having been General Manager of Ocean Towing and Ocean Navigation from 2009 to 2014. Previously, he held various management positions at Verreault Navigation and Chantiers Verreault for over 18 years.


General Managers

Jean-François Dion General Manager – Harbour towing operations and marine transportation

Jean-François Dion is responsible for leading and development of all harbour towing and maritime transportation activities.  He holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting and is a certified management accountant.

Mr. Dion has many years of experience in the business and has a thorough knowledge of Ocean’s range of services as he was previously general manager for Ocean Marine Works and Ocean Dredging.

Manon Lavoie General Manager – Ocean Industries and Fabrication Navale Océan

Manon Lavoie is responsible for leading and coordinating all ship construction, naval and industrial repair at the Ocean Industries shipyard, Quebec’s workshops and New Brunswick Naval Center. She holds a diploma in naval architecture from the Institut maritime du Québec and has acquired 20 years of expertise in the field.

François Lessard General Manager – Ocean Marine Works and Ocean Dredging

François Lessard is responsible for leading and planning all dredging, specialized marine equipment rental and floating wharf. He holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and an MBA from Laval University. He is also a certified management accountant with 15 years of management experience.


Business Development Team

Steve Côté Director of Business Development – Ocean Marine Works and Ocean Dredging

Steve Côté is responsible of business development for all of Ocean’s dredging, specialized marine equipment rental, floating wharf and oversized, overweight marine transportation. He holds a master’s degree in international business management from the University of Ottawa.

David Fortin Director - Business Development - Ocean Naval and Industrial Repairs, Fabrication Navale Ocean, Ocean Industries and Ocean New Brunswick

David Fortin is responsible for business development for all activities of shipbuilding and ship repair offered by the companies Ocean Naval and Industrial Repairs, Fabrication Navale Ocean and Ocean Industries. Graduated in Naval Architecture from the Institut maritime du Québec he has many years of experience in different spheres of the maritime industry. His extensive knowledge in the field enables him to understand the specific needs of customers and provide solutions adapted to their needs.

Chris Keays Director - Business Development - Ocean Towing and Ocean Navigation

Chris Keays is responsible for business development and client relations for the harbor towage and marine transportation activities offered by the various Ocean Towing companies and Ocean Navigation. He holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from Concordia University; he joined the Ocean team in 2015 after over 12 years at Seagulf Marine.

Benoit Lafrenière Senior Manager - Business Development and client relations

Benoit Lafrenière is responsible for the management and organization of Ocean Towing and Ocean Navigation’s business development activities. He joined the Ocean team over 20 years ago. His passion for the industry and dedication has quickly propelled him to management positions.

Kevin Nichol Vice President of Business Development – Océan Remorquage and Océan Navigation

Kevin Nichol is responsible of business development for Océan Remorquage and Océan Navigation’s various companies. Holding a certificate in marine transportation from Concordia University, he joined the Ocean team after more than 10 years in the marketing department for Canadian Steamship Lines (CSL).


Sister Companies Working in Synergy

Ocean is comprised of sister companies that offer a wide range of complementary services.

  • Ocean Dredging DSM Inc.
  • Fabrication Navale Océan Inc.
  • Ocean Industries Inc.
  • Ocean Group Inc.
  • Les Immeubles Océan Inc.
  • Location Océan Inc.
  • Océan Imaq Inc.
  • Océan Navigation Inc.
  • Océan Pilotage Côte-Nord Inc.
  • Océan Remorquage Côte-Nord Inc.
  • Océan Remorquage Montréal Inc.
  • Ocean Ontario Towing Inc.
  • Océan Remorquage Québec Inc.
  • Océan Remorquage Sorel Inc.
  • Océan Remorquage Trois-Rivières Inc.
  • Ocean Marine Services Newfoundland and Labrador inc.
  • Qualité et Service Océan Inc.
  • Services et maintenance Ocean inc.
  • Ocean Marine Works Inc.