Ocean lifting barge - Once again, Ocean innovates with the announcement of a new equipment

Ocean Lifting Barge

Ocean Lifting Barge

Québec, September 6, 2017 – Ocean receives a visit from the Minister for Maritime Affairs, Jean D'Amour, following the granting of a subsidy under the Marine Transportation Infrastructure Investment Support Program.

The Government of Québec has provided $ 914,250 in financial assistance to Ocean Marine Works Inc. for the implementation of the lifting barge project.

The Ocean lifting barge is a new equipment designed and manufactured by Ocean’s teams. This new equipment will be able to adapt, in the manner of an elevator, to all the configurations of the port sites.

This solution, complementary to existing means of transport, will promote shipping on the St. Lawrence.

As our Chief Executive Officer, Jacques Tanguay, points out, "The ingenuity of our teams has made it possible to meet the needs by creating new equipment that will complement and facilitate the short sea shipping logistics chain on the Saint Laurent. This project fits perfectly with the orientations of the Government of Quebec's Maritime Strategy. "


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