Launch of the most powerful tug built in Canad

Gordon Bain, Manon Lavoie and Jacques Tanguay

Gordon Bain, Manon Lavoie and Jacques Tanguay

Isle-aux-Coudres, October 18 - The launch of the most powerful harbor tug built in Canada, the TundRA 100, was successfully completed at Ocean Industries. The 36m ship with a draft of 6.4 meters was equipped with floats to avoid touching the bottom during its slow descent. Once in the water, the cradle was removed to allow the OCEAN HENRY BAIN to escort the TundRA to the STQ wharf. Once docked, a diver detached the floating buoys from the vessel. The technical maneuver was performed without problem, a first in Quebec.

Following this operation, Jacques Tanguay, First Vice President and General Manager at Ocean only had good words: "We are proud of ourselves and of the team at Isle-aux-Coudres. Building such a complex ship is a success story. The demand for this type of vessel for berthing large ore carriers and tankers, such as Chinamax, traveling more and more in Canadian waters. "

Nearly a hundred employees participated in the construction of the TundRA 100. This ship’s power is unique in Canada according to Manon Lavoie, General Manager of Ocean Industries, "The ship combines 8000 hp engine power with a bollard pull of 100 tonnes. It also has a large tank capacity and can therefore navigate over long periods. It is certified Super Ice Class A1 allowing it to travel in extreme conditions, such as in the Arctic".

The new ship will be filled with some 250,000 liters of gasoline; the generators and engines will be revving up in the coming days. Six weeks of testing will be required before its blessing scheduled for December 13 at the Port of Quebec. 


  • Launch of the TundRA 100