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Search : Third class marine engineer

City: Quebec City, Alternate,

  • # 139GO
  • Department: Operation
  • Company: Dragage Ocean
  • Work schedule: 6-week on / 6-week off
  • Status: Permanent


The position holder will be responsible for ensuring servicing, mechanical maintenance and effective operation of the trailing suction hopper dredge of Océan Traverse Nord during its dredging operations in Canada and internationally.


  • Ensure proper functioning of on-board equipment during dredge operations and trips
  • Perform repairs and maintenance of the engine room and on-board equipment
  • Take part in maintenance and repair operations during dry docks
  • Perform specific maintenance routines for each machine or equipment according to applicable procedures and requirements
  • Monitor the functioning parameters of engines and report any malfunction
  • Ensure that policies on safety and environmental protection are followed
  • Perform other related duties, as required


  • Hold a Canadian STCW-95 Second or Third Class motor marine engineering mechanic certificate
  • Good knowledge of diesel motor mechanics
  • Have a valid Canadian passport
  • Experience as chief engineer would be an asset for the position
  • Knowledge of or experience with Z-Drive powered vessels would be an asset for the position
  • Good knowledge of hydraulic systems
  • Have analysis capacities for problem solving and corrective maintenance
  • Comfortable working on a computer with Microsoft Office
  • Available and willing to travel
  • Self-sufficient, organized and showing positive leadership
  • Enjoy teamwork